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Wedding Video Success - A Groom's Guide to A Perfect Wedding Video

The wedding video is key to the success of any perfect wedding and the groom plays a big role. Here are the tips from a wedding videographer who has filmed over 400 weddings. Sure, the wedding is mostly about the bride and her family, but guys, you have an important role to play too. Here’s what you need to know.

Wedding video – what a groom needs to know for the perfect wedding.

Grooms usually get very little attention. Often times, the bride is the focus of a wedding. I’ve filmed over 400 weddings videos and have learned that grooms want to do a good job at, well, being a groom. They want to make their brides happy and they want to make the wedding video and photos great. They just don’t know what to do.

I’m going to share the secrets every groom needs to know to do a great job of making his wedding day perfect and his bride over-the-moon happy. Don’t worry! It’s actually not very hard at all. You just have to know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. Not only have I videoed hundreds of weddings, I am a recent groom myself. I got your back, guys.

If you are used to going to parties with dancing, your reception will feel somewhat familiar. You’ve been here before but, there are some SUPER important differences! You already know some of the obvious things to avoid: doing the worm on the dance floor, shots with your buddies and jumping off the cake table. You’d be surprised.

Secrets to groom success on the big day and in the wedding video.

  1. Limit your alcohol. As a recent groom myself, I made sure to limit myself to a couple of drinks at my reception. Getting so drunk you need help with the sparkler exit is a terrible way to start your wedding night and your marriage.
  2. Dance even if you don’t know how. Your bride wants to be in your arms on the dance floor, even if you are just rocking back and forth, occasionally changing direction. Really. Dancing quality and style are not important! Get out there on the floor and have fun. If your bride is busy, go find a favorite relative or friend to dance with.
  3. Ace the toasts. Be attentive during the toasts and smile. Look at your bride and those making the toasts as they speak and enjoy the moment. You’re being celebrated as a new married couple – enjoy it!
  4. Eye contact with your bride. Keep and maintain eye contact during the first dance at least twice, and smile! It may feel awkward to smile so much but do it anyway. Your wedding video and photos will be so much better! Your bride and family will be so much happier with all the images. You can’t redo these moments, so enjoy them and let your face know that you are.
  5. If you must leave to go outside, tell your bride where you are going and when you will return. When it’s time for something important, like cutting the cake, you don’t want the embarrassment of the DJ asking over the speakers, “Has anyone seen the groom? Paging the groom.” The best idea is to stay close to your bride all night.

Your wedding reception will fly by and before you know it you will be in your limo waving goodbye. With these simple and important guidelines, you can delight your bride as her perfect groom and make your wedding and reception amazing. And the bonus is that you’ll also be ensuring that the wedding video and photos are amazing as well.

Courtney and Brian's wedding was featured in Austin Wedding Day Magazine.  

Courtney and Brian's wedding was featured in Austin Wedding Day Magazine.