4 reasons to hire a wedding videographer

Why should I hire a wedding videographer? I already have a wedding photographer isn’t that enough? Wedding budgets range from modest to extravagant, yet this question occurs across the spectrum. Couples and their families want to capture the beauty of the day and photography has been at the top of the list for how to do that for over 150 years.

In the 1840s, technology limited wedding photos to a daguerreotype portrait on a tiny copper sheet. No wedding photos on paper, no albums and certainly no variety of photos to capture the couple’s happiness. As technology advanced in the 2oth century, photography options expanded, as did demand for new and more elaborate images.

Wealthy couples can afford to embrace new technology-driven trends first, so it’s not surprising that wedding videography became popularized once video technology advanced to portable, but expensive cameras. At first, brides wanted every moment captured in video. Technology and tastes continued to evolve and the now couples want cinematic edited video of their wedding.

We know that video is the most powerful way to communicate ideas and emotions. Look at the explosion of video content for every topic and industry, across limitless media. I recently read a blog post that said, “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 1.8 million words.”

You’re spending a lot of time and resources to create an amazing experience for you and your guests on your wedding day. Here are the top 4 reasons couples are thrilled that they hired a wedding videographer.

  1. We get to relive our wedding day joy over and over! And it becomes more important through the years for us to remember exactly how we felt the day we said ‘I do’”. Many couples celebrate their anniversary by watching their wedding video and are always so happy they chose a high quality videographer.

  2. “Our wedding video allows us to hear our vows, toasts and music again and our photos can’t do that.” Imagine hearing each other share your heartfelt vows in that moment, again and again. A talented wedding videographer can capture these memories and preserve them forever.

  3. “We saw our wedding day through the eyes of our guests.” During the day you will be focused on your partner and you may miss the expression on your parents faces as you pledge your love or the tears running down the cheeks of your grandfather. Most couples tell us they see and feel things in their wedding video that they missed during the actual event.

  4. We have a family heirloom that we can enjoy and share with family for years to come.” Children and grandchildren will get to share in your love story as the years go by.

Hiring a talented wedding videographer can be one of the smartest decisions a couple can make to capture all of the sounds, action and emotion of that special day. Of course, I’m biased:) I hope this posts helps brides and grooms gain a deeper understanding of how this decision will impact their lives.