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Awesome Austin Wedding Officiant Will Marry Couples as Darth Vader

James Simmons is a non-denominational minister who has joyfully performed Austin weddings for many years. As a matter of fact, 2016 was the best year ever for James as he officiated 201 weddings. With a booming wedding officiant business, he has found that about 40% of his couples came to him through referrals, which is a fine testament to the amazing job he does at each wedding ceremony.

A Top Austin Wedding Officiant is Born

James credits his beloved grandfather, John Turnage, for sparking his interest in the ministry. Growing up, James did a wide range of things to help his grandfather’s church. He passed out hymnals, greeted congregation members and even cleaned the restrooms. James sees his grandfather as his hero who is a true inspiration.

James decided early to follow in grandfather’s footsteps which led him to Texas Bible college in Houston, where he earned a degree in theology. He pastored a church for 8 years and worked many successful years in the grocery and office businesses. James rose to store director at Office Max, but soon discovered that the 80 hour work week left little time for anything else. This is when he decided to make a career change.

With inspiration and support from his brother Stephen Simmons of I Do Ceremonies, James became an Austin wedding officiate. James is a natural public speaker and quickly found he absolutely loved doing wedding ceremonies. He quickly set out to grow his business and officiate more Austin weddings.

Calling upon his experience officiating thousands of Texas ceremony, James has many creative ideas for adding fun and personal touches to each Austin wedding. James believes that each couple should have the perfect wedding ceremony that reflects their own personalities and wishes. One of the most unique weddings that James officiated was the full Star Wars themed wedding. He wore a Darth Vader costume as he married the couple. James is open to doing same-sex weddings and welcomes all couples who want to consider hiring him to officiate at their wedding.

Contact James at 512-710-KISS (5477) or  Include both names, the wedding date, a good email address and the name of the venue (if selected). Next, he will send you a wedding packet with sample wedding ceremony ideas. James offers a free one-hour consultation where he shares the 3 things couples must have to get married in the state of Texas and discusses specific wedding ideas and plan. During this consultation, he loves the questions, “Can I...?” and “Can we...?”, because he knows the answer will be yes. His view is that the ceremony is for the couple and they should have anything they want. J

Wedding officiant fees are $350 for Friday through Saturday and $200 for all other days. The fees Include the free, one-hour consultation and unlimited texts and phone calls.

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