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Wedding Videography: How to Handle the Latest Trend – Mic Drop?


Filming weddings in central Texas (and other destinations) gives me up close and personal opportunity to see emerging styles and trends. Lately, my wedding videography is capturing more mic drops than ever before. This trend is horrifying DJs across the world. Dropping the mic isn’t awesome for the mic.

The expression “mic drop” started in the 1980s to mean delivering a performance or speech to get the better of someone in such a great way that you can just drop the microphone and walk away victorious. After this Key and Peale skit from a few years ago, weddings became a place where mic drops started to show up. Dropping the mic after a particularly awesome toast is becoming more popular at weddings as seen here and here!

Mic Drops Are Fun Wedding Videography Moments, but Not Fun DJ Moments

I spoke  DJ Greg Hoffman of GGC Productions about this.   Greg told me that a dropped mic is often a broken mic.  He has added a clause in his contract that states “if you break it, you pay for it”.  He told me that if a groom IS planning a mic drop, he should buy a less expensive mic for that purpose.  The mic drop can be funny, so I encourage grooms to buy the cheaper version for the dramatic drop and save themselves a few hundred bucks in broken mic charges. Wireless mics run anywhere from $200 to $2000 and are packed full of delicate electronics that aren’t designed to handled roughly not alone dropped.

Lady Gaga drops the mic at the 2017 Super Bowl and wedding videography highlight that this trend is making its way into couples nuptials. Photo from USA Today.


So before you go all Lady Gaga 2017 Super Bowl and drop the mic,  think it through. If you must do it, be sure to tell the DJ in advance. Like with anything that has to do with weddings, planning is the key.

Coleman Jennings