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How to select the perfect wedding videographer for you and your groom

You want your wedding to be as unique as you and your groom are, and you want to choose a modern wedding videographer who understands you and your style. How do you find the best videographer to capture the magic wedding day? What do you look for? How do you evaluate the film and cinematography skills? What questions do you ask? Here to help you are a few guidelines to help make this process of selecting the perfect wedding videographer for you fun and easy.

Qualities to look for in your wedding videographer

Experience – A professional videographer with years of experience has the expertise and poise to capture all the events of your wedding day, while remaining out of the way. You want someone who has filmed many weddings and in a variety of settings. A seasoned cinematographer can easily anticipate what is going to happen next and position themselves so they will be able to capture the perfect shots and footage. A highly professional videographer works well with your photographer, so that both work seamlessly to capture beautiful images of your wedding ceremony and reception.

Connection –  I recommend that you meet with prospective videographers and explore how well you connect with them. Hiring a wedding film professional means you are trusting them record some of the most important and personal moments of your life. When interviewing videographers, be sure to listen closely to what they say and how they say it. Do they listen to and understand what you communicate and what you want in your wedding film? Can they articulate your vision back to you?  How will they customize your wedding film so that it reflects the love that you and your fiance´ feel for each other? 

Skill –  Review samples of the prospective wedding cinematographer. Do you like the samples of their work? Are there different styles of wedding movie? Remember that samples the videographer shares with you are their best work, so make sure the quality of their work is the highest quality available in your budget range. A great wedding film keeps you engaged and interested throughout. For the rest of your lives, you’ll have your wedding film to take you back to how you felt the day you got married. So, you want to ensure your wedding videographer has a director’s sensibility to capturing and editing your movie.

Style - Which styles do you like the best? Look for a wedding videographer with a style of filming and editing that evokes the warmth and love that you feel for each other. Talk with your fiance´ about what types of shots and techniques appeal to you. Consider drone video to capture stunning aerial footage of the beautiful venue and scenery. If you decide to hire someone who films drone video, ask if they are a licensed drone pilot and to see their unmanned aircraft pilots' license card issued by the FAA. If you and your fiance´ are both active on social media, explore how familiar the wedding videographers you interview are with the platforms you plan to use for sharing wedding images with friends and family.

Reviews – What are other brides and grooms saying about their experience working with the videographer you are considering? Reviews can help you know what to expect during the wedding day and beyond. Does the cinematographer have a reputation for good communication and customer service? Another good idea is to check with your wedding venue, planner or photographer to learn if they have had experience with the videographers you are considering. You want the best talent and the best customer service from each of your vendors.

Communication –  A videographer who responds promptly to calls and emails during the selection process will also be the one to respond quickly after the wedding day is over and you are waiting for your finished product. Look for a professional who is responsive, courteous and respectful. I recommend checking out the social media posts for the wedding videographers you consider. You can tell a lot by how people communicate on social media, so make sure you are a match.

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